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About us, we are a small New England family. That landed in Florida. Wow, what a change of scenery. We want to have a little New England bong shop. Smoke shop. Head shop. With glass oil rig. Glass water pipes. Where the people are polite. Everyone knows everyone. We want a New England bong shop. Smoke shop. Head shop. We thought leaving New Englands cold winters would be great. To a sunny fun exciting new place. Wow were we wrong! We are going back with our shop and going to have a quiet New England bong shop. Smoke shop. Head shop.

I think Maine is the place to be. Who can pass up watching the leaves change in the fall. More about us? Well, we are certainly dog lovers. We have two. A chihuahua named Riley. A dachshund named King Korge. We love them like children. They are actually are on Banfield pet insurance. Yes, we believe they need it. As well as deserve it. They both have health problems.

Even more about us. Such as why the glass bong. Glass oil rig, Glass water pipes business. Well, we have always believed in a good glass bong. Glass oil rig and Glass water pipes. They are pretty. When they are hand blown glass bong, hand blown glass oil rig, hand blown glass water pipes. We think hand blown glass bong, glass oil rig, and glass water pipes are better. We think hand blowing these items ads character a sturdiness you can’t get with machine popped glass bongs.

We like adding character better quality to our glass bongs. So we say all hand blown glass bong. hand blown glass oil rig, hand blown glass water pipes, We also believe in friendly down home charm and kindness towards our customers. That there is more about us. It says a lot about our heart our manners our kindness. Even after being in the big city. We just want to make a little cash and go home. With our New England smoke shop. Bong shop. Head shop. People are heady there too. I guess that’s about as much as you’re going to get about us. We will give you a few pictures to click on with links though,

Just a btw please do not listen to anyone that tells you to put antifreeze in the coil condenser bongs! It is dangerous! We have a company that sells glycerin by the gallon. They have always delivered to us. It’s under $20  USD including shipping for a gallon. Bluk Apothecary

microscope glass oil rig dabs dabbing. Stands at 11.5" tall comes in your choice off green or blue heady hand blown glass. It's 4mm heavy duty glass. Comes with the glass dome and nail!grand opening christmas tree glass bong. this glass water pipe has a dry leaf bong bowl. It stands over one foot tall at 16.53". The dry leaf glass water bong comes in three colors for you to choose from, green, blue, pinkclear glass bong 14" tall. very heavy duty hand blown water pipes at 7mm thick. Greek style columns that are recyclers.tyre perc at the bottom of the bong. perfect for dry leaf.comes with a dry leaf bowl.california toro glass bong. glass water smoking pipes. colored in fancy green lake. it has a sparkling fire burst bubble beadbig rocket glass bong over a foot tall at 17" it also very heavy duty and solid at 5mm thick it has four percolators all together three rocket blaster percs and one twelve arm tree perc bong bowl included this is stunning if you love NASA and outer space and sci-fisix recycler green glass bong it is one foot tall exactly 16" it is solid heavy duty 6mm water pipe two sets of mushroom cluster percsoctopus arms oil rig or glass bong depending on your choice of attachments you can even choose attachments to have both this oil rig glass bong is almost a foot tall at 11.81" so by no means a tiny oil rig or glass bong for that matter coming in solid at 4mm thick bent neck type keeps you well away from the flame and heat and sparks.narcissus glass bong beautiful flower mini bong at 4.9" tall mini water pipe in seven beautiful colors bent neck designglass bong quad core freezable almost two feet tall bong and ash catcher set 23.5" you choose from green or black blue beaker bottom
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