Adult Must Sign For Package! Adult Must Be Home!


An adult must be home. An adult must sign for package! Why do we do this? You ask? To keep adult things out of minors hands. We do send you an email with the USPS tracking number. So you can arrange for adult over the age of 18 with an ID to sign for the package!

We also do this because our credit card processing company makes us. But honestly we do not want these items in the hands of children either, So yes an adult must be home! An adult must sign for package. If you are someone who can’t understand this. Then maybe you don’t need these items either. Because you may put them in the hands of a minor.

So in closing. One more time. There are no exceptions. An Adult Must Be Home! An Adult Must Sign For Package! No exceptions for anyone. If you can not be home to sign for package. They will just bring it back to your local post office. Where you can show them ID and pick it up. As easy as that. Not really a problem at all.