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Pricing again simple and to the point. All orders are charged in USD. We only ship within the USA. As we are based in the USA. We have product on hand!Return Refund and exchange policies!

Prices are as seen. They are subject to change! We now accept PotCoin, SativaCoin, BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, LiteCoin and more. First you need to click the Coin Payments bar. Then click continue checkout. To get to the payment page. Then you choose your method of payment. Whether it be PotCoin (POT) on the list or SativaCoin or on the list (SAT). Those two are our preferred coin methods. However the ones we have listed are also welcomed. We are going to be stopping the payments through Because they are so expensive.
Pricing we like to keep down. Thus the change to PotCoin and SativaCoin BitCoin Litecoin. We can charge even less with these payment methods! Which if you know us keeping the prices down is our goal. Being better than Grasscity is also our goal. If you are in the USA you should read the following 3 review sites on grasscity. Grasscity Reviews & Complaints!   Grasscity Reviews.    The Junky G-Grasscity Review!   Now if you read those and you’re in the USA. Can you honestly say you still want to do business there? They are not USA based. They are in the Netherlands. Sometimes it takes them months to deliver to the USA. Then if you get it. It’s the wrong item or even an empty box!
We ship in 2-3 business days when your payment clears. You will receive your item in 5-10 business days! That simple with us. We are the best online head shop. If you want your item on time. Shop Unique Glass Online Bong Shop! We ship as soon as your payment clears. Which is usually 2-3 business days. Sometimes less. You will have your item/s in 5-10 business days.  Exchange refund return as follows. Should you receive your item broken and it totaled under $50. With proof of pictures. We will replace the item if we have more in stock. If not we will refund you completely. If it is over $50 we put full insurance on it through the USPS. They will be the ones to fullfil your refund. You will need to take pictures and your receipt and go to