12″ Green Glass Oil Rig Honeycomb And Tree Arm best online head shop Percs Ice Catcher 5mm

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This is a green glass oil rig. Stands At 12″ Tall. It’s Solid Heavy Duty 5mm Hand Blown Glass Bongs. Honeycomb & tree arm percs. A Three Prong Ice Catcher.  Find It Cheap In Our Online Smoke Shop! Ships As Soon As Your Payment Clears. 2-3 Business Days! Glass bong percolator! Best Oil Rigs. Oil rig pieces. Before trying grasscity if you are in the USA. You need to read these three pages of reviews they can not control! Grasscity Reviews & Complaints!Grasscity Reviews.The Junky G-Grasscity Review!. We actually do deliver in 5-10 business days! Shop Unique Glass Online Bong Shop!

The amber glass oil bongs. Best oil rigs. Is the start of our newer lower prices at our online smoke shop. As well as faster delivery time. This item will ship, as soon as your payment clears. Which can take up to three days. Then for USA residents, we will ship it USPS priority mail. free This hand blown glass bong stands 12″ tall. It boasts an inline perc. Of course the Illadelph logo. In mixed colors. No worries you will have a choice of color. It has a three prong ice catcher. These are Cheap glass on glass bongs. Cheap water bongs for sale online. This is cheap good quality glass bongs! Unique Glass Online Bong Shop has cute glass bongs. Glass bong percolator. Why not buy bongs here? awesome bongs for cheap.
We are working on new faster service for our online smoke shop. Glass bong percolator! We are now dealing with a cheaper supplier for our online smoke shop. Now we have many oil bongs. The height is 12″ tall. The heavy duty 5mm hand blown glass bongs. Base diameter is 3.2″. Best oil rigs. Are of high quality. This one has a tree arm perc and a honeycomb perc. Remember shipping for this glass bong. Is free shipping in our online smoke shop. To the USA. Thick glass bongs. Unique bongs and pipes. Very hard glass bongs. Best USA online headshop. The best USA online head shop for high quality oil rig pieces. Best oil rigs. Glass water pipes ice catcher.

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 6 x 6 in

Height: 12 inches
Thickness: 5 mm
Base diameter
3 prong ice pinch                
Perc: tree arm
Perc: honeycomb
Joint size: 18mm
dome and nail


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