12″ Green Oil Rigs Glass Bong 2 Perc Buy Oil Rigs Online Cheap Recycler Rig Cool Oil Rigs 5mm Heavy

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12″ Bent neck green cheap recycler rig. Two percolator bong. These are cool oil rigs. Unique Glass Online Bong Shop has cheap glass oil rigs. Not as in cheaply made. As it is a heavy duty 5mm hand blown oil rig. Buy oil rigs online. Oil rig glass. If you are in the USA and considering Grasscity, we have the reviews that will make you think twice. They speak of undelivered packages. Packages that take 2 and 3 months to turn up. When they claim 5-10 business days. We say 5-10 business days after cleared payment and we mean it. Here are the 3 independent pages of reviews on them. Grasscity Reviews & Complaints!  The Junky G-Grasscity Review!  Grasscity Reviews! Now why risk all of that hassle. When we deal exclusively with the USA. We have never had a complaint. I realize we have no good reviews. As people we have done business with have neglected to leave us the feedback we deserve.

The 12″ green bent neck percolator cheap recycler rig. Price wise. This is a thick 5mm glass oil rig bong, that is hand blown. That makes it better than other glass on glass. As there has to be an extreme amount of concentration to make the oil rig perfectly at the right thickness. Also, they are at risk of being burned badly. This set comes complete with a concentrate nail and a glass dome! The green of this bong shows up well. The mouthpiece base and percolators are a bright green shade. These are cool oil rigs! Buy oil rigs online at Unique Glass Online Bong Shop!

This beautiful green glass oil pipe is an amazing 3.2″ in base diameter. The joint of the glass oil rig bong attachment is 18mm and the glass dome and nail are 18,8mm female joints. We also have this item in petal pink as well as cobalt blue. This is a portable bong. Bring it to your friends’ house. Or a smoke party. It has a gracefully bent neck to ensure there are nose burns. Or worse a hair fire. I myself have been victim to a hair fire. As well as a shirt fire. It is now ridiculously funny! However, I can assure you at the time it was not funny and I was not laughing. Now I laugh hysterically at my own stupidity. LOL. Sometimes that happens with cool oil rigs. Or oil rigs and bongs
If you want to skip the add and just go to the Info scroll up the page to the description part at the top and click on the additional information tab.  There is all your specs. Now onto when we ship. We ship your glass on glass item/s within 2-3 business days. Which is when your payment clears our account. After it clears you will have your item/s in 5-10 business days of payment clearing. Please just as a friendly reminder. If you do buy from the best USA online head shop, and you are happy with your purchase. Please do us a solid and leave us the positive feedback we try so hard to earn. As positive feedback and word of mouth are the only way to make a business work!

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Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 6 x 6 in

Height: 12 inches
Thickness: 5 mm
Base diameter: 3.2 inches
Perc 1: 8 arms perc
Perc 2: honeycomb perc
Joint Size: 18.8 mm
Green Oil Rig


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