10″ Pink Glass Bong Mothership Bent Neck Bong One Percolator Torus Perc 5mm Hand Blown

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This pink mothership torus bong is 10″ tall.  Pink glass bong. One percolator and it is  a torus perc glass water pipe! It is a bent neck bong. There is also a showerhead percolator. The glass is 5mm thick. Hand blown glass bongs. Borosilicate glass. Heady glass bongs for sale Online smoke shop bent neck bongs. Small pink bong. Thick glass bongs. Colorful bongs.

The cute pink glass bong stands at 10″ tall. This is a cool bong that has a bent neck design. These are colorful bongs, It also features a showerhead percolator, done in pink. This a piece of heavy-duty mothership glass, at 5mm thick. It is also hand blown. It has a joint on the glass bong that is 18.8mm female. The dry leaf bowl is 18mm male. Find this and more in our smoke shop!

You could easily turn this hefty pink glass bong into an oil rig. With a cylindrical glass dome and nail Or a round dome and glass nail. As well as a glass banger and glass carb cab. From our attachments department. We have all the sizes typed out. So they are easy to understand. We also have male and female joint splitters in our attachments department.

This heady glass pink mothership torus bong is 4″ across the base. In diameter. It may not have a name brand slapped on it. However, it is very high-quality glass on glass. The showerhead percolator is also done up in pink. The base is also pink. The bent neck will keep the fire from your hair and face. I learned personally once just how easily your hair can flame up. It wasn’t funny then. However, it is now! Glass bongs. Glass water pipes. Pink glass bong.

We will ship your trippy pink mother ship torus bong. As soon as your payment clears our account. That usually takes 2-3 business days. Then we send it with tracking. As well as an adult must sign upon delivery. If you’re not home for delivery, your post office will leave you a notice on the door. With two options to collect your new cool bong. The 1st option is to reschedule delivery for when you can be home. The 2nd option, they give you a date you may pick up your cool bong at your local post office. With the slip and ID.

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Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 6 x 6 in

Mothership Torus          
Height:10 inches
Thickness: 5mm
Base diameter: 4 inches
Perc: showerhead perc
Joint Size: 18.8 mm female
Dry leaf bowl size 18 female
Color: pink


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