10″ Two Water Bongs In One Illadelph 7mm Hand Blown Glass Bong And Water Pipes Cheap Glass Bong

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Black two water bongs in one. This glass bong is 10″ tall. Bong and water pipes.  This is a cheap glass bong. By no means in the way, it was made. As in high-quality cheap glass bong. Cute bongs. The well known Illadelph logo in black. 7mm hand blown glass bongs. With black keck. It also comes in green as well as blue with a green or blue downstem. Illadelph glass. This is an Illadelph beaker. Illadelph bongs. Illadelph for sale. Best USA online head shop. Best USA online headshop. Smoke shop.

This is a black water bongs in one. Bong and water pipes. This is a cheap glass bong. As in price. Nothing we have is made cheaply! You can take the black downstem put it in the top of the bong. Then place the black Illadelph logo mouthpiece where the blue downstem goes. Making it a bent neck type glass water bong. This is a 7mm hand blown glass water bong. So it is a very heavy duty bong. It also comes in a blue downstem a blue Illadelph logo and black clip. Bong online shop. Or you can get green with a green Illadelph logo. A green downstem as well as a green clip. Best water pipes.

The black two bongs in one. Is 7mm hand blown glass bong. In the non bent neck version of this glass bong it stands 10″ Tall. The best thing it comes in three colors to choose from. You can get a black Illadelph logo. Or a blue Illadelph logo. Even a green Illadelph logo. It comes with a dry leaf bong bowl. The Joint is a female 14.4mm. Bong and accessories the dry leaf bong bowl is a 14mm male joint. You can’t beat the name or the 7mm hand blown glass b0ng. Online glass shop. Glass supply shop. Glass water bongs. bong online shop. The heady glass on glass bong and accessories.

This black two bongs in one set. Is a beaker base. It’s 3.2″ in diameter.  All three colors are high quality. However, cheap in cost. Does not mean cheap quality. The black Illadelph logo and downstem. Blue Illadelph logo and downstem. The green Illadelph logo and green downstem. Are all high quality 7mm hand blown glass bong. The Illadelph logo speaks of high quality bongs. All on it’s own. Water glass bongs. Hand blown glass. Cute bongs and pipes. Colorful bongs. Smoke shops online. Smoke supply shop. Online bong shop thick glass. Water pipes glass bongs. Smoking pieces.

You could easily turn this into an oil rig. With a cylindrical glass dome and nail. Or a quartz banger and quartz carb cap. This item ships as soon as your payment clears. Usually 2-3 business days. We give you a tracking number ASAP. So that you may arrange for someone to be home over 18 with ID to sign for your item. If you can not be at home. They will leave a slip for you to either rearrange delivery for when someone over 18 will be home. Or you can take the slip to your local post office with ID to pick it up.

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 6 x 6 in

10" Two Bongs In One
Illadelph Black Glass Bong Black Logo Downstem Clip
Comes Upright at 10" Converts To Bent Neck Glass Bong
14.4mm female joint
14mm male joint dry herb bowl
Thickness 7mm
Beaker Bottom
Base Diameter 3.2" Across


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